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Tomorrow marks my seven day sabbatical from Facebook. It has not been at all arduous. I checked Memories as I shared my journey there with my aged parents before they passed and will be starting their memoir soon. 

Instead of spending hours trying to sort through Facebook pages and groups posts I have enjoyed blogging again, meeting new people all around the world. Like Heather in South Africa. She blogs at 2Summers and is an American living in South Africa. Her family are in the states so these are I imagine frustrating times for her.

I am going to be hauling out my new sewing machine, purchased in 2015 when I moved into my cabin after my divorce settlement. Sewing masks is going to be a big part of my day though I do limit myself to twenty minute intervals due to severe Cervical Stenosis. After twenty minutes I will get myself a cup of tea (which helps the Diabetic Neuropathy) and relax in the shade. Has to be the shade as I now have Bowen’s Disease which leads to multiple skin cancers. I do not normally disclose personal medical things but Covid 19 and self isolation due to these co morbidities means that people have a lot more time to dwell on these sorts of issues. I however, am not one of them! I almost died in 2015 and since then have relished life, even though my interaction with it is on my terms and hugely different to healthy people. 

I cannot walk far but will be walking down to our beautiful lake and around our home park. Obviously keeping my distance. Our new Government edict of no more than two in public works fine for us as they also want the at risk person to only go out for medical needs etc and only with their carer. 

My son and I have been watching a lot of CNN and watching the catastrophe that is unfolding there. Don Lemon, Chris Cuomo and Anderson Cooper are beyond reproach. Unlike the Trump administration. A thankful for free press. Speaking of that I have been reading South China Morning Post for many months now, really keeping as abreast of the situation in China as much as I can. There is probably no need to recommend that people get their news from other sources than Facebook. Bloggers usually are researchers so are unlikely to believe what pops up on their Facebook feed. I have missed not seeing how my overseas friends are doing however I let them know to contact me on Messenger and several have followed this blog. I am grateful to them, to my sister in law, to the manager here where I live and most of all to my son who has kept me fed and amused. We are catching up on the Walking Dead as we stopped watching after Rick disappeared. After that it is GOTs again. And perhaps the books too