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Grief in the Age of Covid 19

My father passed away five weeks ago today. I was going to have this blog as a memoir of his Life before Vascular Dementia and of my mum’s before Alzheimer’s. A way to help process my grief.

And then along came Coronavirus. Of course I had seen it on ABC news back in November but we were very caught up in our national bushfire disaster. The citizens of NSW and Victoria had a hugely emotional response to it and so did our other states. Soon the world tuned into our plight. To our koalas and kangaroos and to the near billion animals that had been incinerated.

While we choked on the thick smoke, actually tasting some of the incinerated wildlife, life went on for the rest of us. But it diverted attention away from a gathering disaster in China. While the world donated money and children worldwide knitted or sewed mittens and blankets for our rescued burned wildlife, life in Wuhan China was slowly changing. People were becoming ill.