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Skittering Across My Rooftop

Today is supposed to be my sleep shirt day. I usually alternate my sleep shirt days with casual dress days but I decided to not be so predictable. Yesterday I worked over my garden as it was covered in weeds and grasses. I live in a home park that has beautiful trees and shrubs which are full of birds. Birds that like to skitter across my rooftop and also drop seeds in the garden. Maybe it is their gift to me. This place is certainly a gift to me at the moment. I am isolated but not alone. I think that is an important distinction.

Neighbours walk by on their way to the mailbox and greet me as I sit on my white cane rocking chair on my tiny patio. We smile and share a few words, at least three metres apart! I write and read out there and enjoy cups of tea, have done this since before this all started. My world has not changed that much since this started, apart from not mixing with people. I have always enjoyed reading in bed and listening to the rain on the roof. Now I am also thankful for the rain as it is helping my plants after a very dry summer.

Buddleja Black Knight next to Lilly Pilli

Yesterday I planted two yellow buddlejas, a verbena and a blue salvia. The scent in summer is going to be incredible. I have trailing nasturtiums coming up everywhere and also day lilies coming up around the Hibiscus and a huge Lilly Pilly and a Crepe Myrtle. Am looking toward a forested undergrowth look to my bushes which I hope will suppress the weeds and grasses. The less enjoyable bit is the pain afterwards but it is worth a sacrifice on my part for something of such beauty. Much like the pain we are feeling now for ourselves and the world. Staying home is worth the sacrifice, so that we may again enjoy the beauty of our world., together.