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A Recipe for Abuse

I was watching 7.30 last night on ABC and was struck by what Leigh Sales was saying about Care Homes not allowing visitors. As my friends know only too well that is simply a recipe for neglect and abuse. 

I have personal experience of this as my dad and my two friend’s mum’s were highlighted on ABC news in 2017 with Giselle Wakatama of ABC Newcastle. This was because of a severe lack of care. While we were there everyone who worked in this particular carehome showed loving concern to our parent. However the signs of neglect were too obvious to ignore. We reported it to the Aged Health Care Commission and in my case was told “ you cannot control everything”. Unbelievable, if we daughters had not our parents would have suffered even more. 

This is why I am concerned now. There are going to be no inspections. The Chaplains who used to go in cannot now. No volunteers either. The people are at the mercy of the system. And the demented are in an even worse position because so much of their care is provided by their loved ones or by extra care workers paid for by the families…who are not allowed in either. 

I understand that this virus is now expected to be shared by simply breathing. So it would be very hard unless visitors do an online course on this virus on how to help and how to protect themselves, their families and the person they are visiting. My thought is that the government should appoint people to “police” these places where our fragile precious beloved ones live.